It is our mission to deliver high quality and state of the art prosthetic and orthotic devices with excellence, compassion and competence. We Strive to be leaders in quality of care and implementing changing technology.

 Our offices are staffed with certified and state-licensed practitioners dedicated to serving local hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient rehabilitation centers and in-home care, as well as treating patients in one of our Patient Care Facilities.

Together with the physician and the rehabilitation team we provide as much comfort, function, and cosmetic appearance in the prosthesis or orthosis as possible. Each state of the art custom appliance is made according to prescription and is fit precisely to each patient.

Follow-up visits are important and encouraged to achieve the maximum benefits and function of each appliance. Complete maintenance and repair services for all orthotics and prosthetics are available as well.

We will be happy to assist you in obtaining authorization for third party coverage for your medical care.