Silicone Restoration

Custom Silicone prosthesis is your best option if you are looking for a natural life-like appearance in your prosthesis. Tailored to your specific shape and skin color, this option can be customized to include your freckles, veins, nail paint, tattoos and even hair-making it as realistic as possible.

Each restoration is uniquely hand-crafted with attention to detail for each person to ensure accurate passive/active biomechanical function, comfort, and aesthetic function. These prostheses can be worn on a daily basis and are made with medical grade silicone for reduced dermatological reaction, increased durability, and optimal proprioceptive feedback.

Regardless of your level of amputation, we are available to help you determine the best solution for fingers, hands, feet, myoelectric prostheses, lower limbs etc.

Hand and Finger Custom Silicone Prostheses

  • Improves the gripping function of the affected side
  • Improves the ability to control elements in everyday life
  • Allows for passive actions such as holding light objects
  • Structurally permitting, wires can be inserted into fingers to allow slight positioning and movement of fingers
  • Protects sensitive or painful residuum from impact

Foot and Toe Custom Silicone Prostheses

  • Accurately designed to interface with sensitive areas, maximize biomechanical deficits, fit, and protection
  • Increases stability due to larger contact surface
  • Improves propulsion and stability during toe off
  • Supports and aligns the foot allowing for comfortable and safe walking
  • Prevents the aggressive flexion of the shoe