Monroe BioTechnology

A Bionic P & O Company

Care that Restores, Renews, and Empowers

Across this region, there are people struggling with physical challenges and living with pain. They may have lost a limb. They might have foot problems that make walking an ordeal. They may face the complications of life after breast surgery. Monroe BioTechnology is dedicated to them.


Throughout our history, we have helped thousands of patients rediscover their independence and regain a normal life.

We’re passionate about what we do. And because of that, our patients receive compassionate care and focused expertise. To us, it’s about the relationship, it’s about proper fit, and it’s about success.


Our Locations

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Monroe BioTechnology
1818 N Meade. St., Ste. 245
Appleton, WI 54911
Phone: (920) 738-5355
Fax: (920) 882-1891

Monroe BioTechnology
342 S. Webster Ave. Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 435-3002
Fax: (920) 884-0201