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Gloria Loukota Mansilla

Resident Prosthetist & Orthotist

Gloria has been curious about prosthetics since she was little. The principal of her elementary school had bilateral-upper limb prostheses and he was independent, but he was a foreigner in Guatemala and received his prostheses and physical therapy overseas. This was more than enough to spark her interest about how she could help others who were in a similar position.

In those days, Gloria didn't know that the O&P field existed. She studied Industrial Design with the goal of designing a prosthesis as her thesis project and learned the process to make and deliver a prosthesis. She studied O&P in Eastern Michigan University.

She has always wanted to be able to assist people who aren't able to help themselves. Every patient is unique. She wants to be able to help make their paths easier for them, so they can overcome their physical hurdles and live a plentiful life.

She loves her family and likes trying new food and baking or cooking international food just to give it a try. She knits “like a granny,” does yoga, reads fantasy books, tries to work out, and enjoys all things that bring peace to her life.

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2616 S. Green River Rd.

Evansville, IN 47715

(812) 471-1234

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