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Ren Shandilya, PhD, BOCO, BOCP

Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist

"Ren" Veerendra Shandilya, PhD, LPO, BOCO, BOCP brings a passionate, driven & motivated attitude with his more than 36 years of professional experience to the Bionic team. His dedication towards making difference in the lives of patients with disability is also the mission of Bionic.
He started his professional career in 1984 setting up the Orthotics & Prosthetics Department at KGP Children's Hospital, when he moved to Vadodara, India. Shandilya used his technical skills & biomechanical application knowledge in making difference in people with disabilities life, he also kept the academic passion persuading to obtain his bachelors, US Board certifications & achieving a PhD, while teaching the Orthopedic & Physical therapy students.
He was very much involved with setting up of the major Rehabilitation Centers post earthquake disaster in Kutch Gujarat, India in 2001 & 2015 in Nepal. He then used his knowledge to improve the available O&P devices with low economy in India so that they could be made available to the needy, being an O&P expert for Government of India (ALIMCO). Shandilya also developed the low-cost prosthetic single axis constant friction with optional locking knee joint that can be produced at Low-cost for above knee amputees.
Ren Shandilya has always used his knowledge & passion of O&P to deliver several seminars, workshops and international conferences, apart from the patency of his designs. As a Prosthetist & Orthotist he has treated thousands of individuals with limb loss and other physically challenged with aid, making them achieve a functional independent life.

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