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Scottie Hutchinson, CPO

Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist

Scottie joined Bionic at the end of December 2020 to the Monona, WI clinic. He has his Master’s degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Eastern Michigan University as well as an ABC Certified Orthotist and Board Eligible Prosthetist. He completed his residency at the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY. He has been practicing throughout the Midwest since 2017. Scottie’s focus has largely been in pediatrics, including scoliosis and cranial remolding helmets, but he has seen a variety of patients of all ages and presentations.

Scottie is very passionate about his work in the field and strives to develop a working relationship with their patients and families.

When not seeing patients, Scottie enjoys taking his dogs to the park and building furniture for his cats. Scottie lives in Madison, WI.

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