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Lower Extremity Orthoses 

Lower extremity orthoses are designed to support an existing joint, replacing the function of the patient's musculature, ligaments or bony structure.


Neuro-rehab Solutions 

**TENS - walkaide, microprosessor  bracing (C-bracing) 

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Off-loading Solutions 

Custom fabricated and off the shelf solutions for the lower extremity to provide off-loading essential in wound care.

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Foot & Ankle Orthoses

Orthotic solutions for the lower extremity to either support the structure of the foot and ankle or prevent further deformity. Essential in conditions such as PTTD, Charcot, foot drop, fusions and other instabilities.


Knee Solutions

Personalized knee orthoses to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, quadriceps weakness, ligament injury or joint instabilities.


Hip Solutions

Orthotic solutions for patients having hip fractures, dislocations and in post-surgical applications.

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