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Residency Program

Residency Program Mission Statement

“We endeavor to provide a comprehensive educational and mentoring platform to nurture clinical knowledge and technical skills while providing competent, compassionate care to our patients. Our program is dedicated to instill our company's values and goals which are: to bring like-minded individuals together to inspire, to improve peoples' lives, to create awareness, and to become an integral part of the communities we serve.”

Residency Background & Expectations

Bionic Prosthetics and Orthotics is an ABC accredited Prosthetic and Orthotic practice with multiple NCOPE residency sites across the country. Bionic currently operates over 30 clinics and is continuing to grow rapidly. We take immense pride in the competent and compassionate care we have been able to provide to the communities we serve since our inception over a decade ago. The clinicians at Bionic have extensive expertise in the field. This includes advanced microprocessor controlled prosthetic systems, myo-electric upper limb prosthetics with pattern recognition, sub-ischial socket designs, Hi-Fi socket systems, functional electrical stimulation orthotic systems such as the WalkAide, custom carbon fiber AFO’s and KAFO’s for various neuromuscular and orthopedic pathologies, cranial remolding treatment, pediatric bracing, spinal and scoliosis bracing, dynamic upper limb bracing, and many other O&P interventions.

We are seeking Prosthetic and Orthotic Residents who are looking for a patient centered residency program. We provide residents with a platform to learn and enhance their skills with a diverse and dedicated clinical team, allowing them to grow to their fullest potential in this ever-changing and demanding field. Our residency program offers a constructive learning path with educational opportunities internally and externally with various O&P manufacturers and exposure to patient care and clinical skills with multiple specialized practitioners within the group. We are an industry leader using advanced imaging and fabrication techniques. This includes scanning, using multiple 3D printers, and our many in-house fabrication labs. There is also a focus on documentation requirements, skills for medical necessity establishment, and outcome measure data analysis for evidenced based care. We offer a competitive salary, health benefits, 401K, sick and vacation time, as well as continued educational opportunities. Responsibilities of a Bionic resident include:

· Perform and document detailed clinical evaluations of patients with assessments, plan of care, goals, and use of outcome measures in accordance with physician prescriptions.

· Establish, justify, and document pertinent coding & medical necessity of prescribed O&P devices. And, co-ordinate the same from referring physicians and other healthcare professionals.

· Learn and perform modifications on plaster models and on CAD software, co-ordinate fabrication, ordering, assembly, and alignment of O&P devices.

· Observe, learn, assist, and independently perform; fitting, gait training, dynamic alignment, delivery, and follow up of O&P devices at progressing stages of the residency program.

· Assist administrative and compliance staff with information related to claim submissions, audits, denials, appeals, and efficient functioning of the clinic.

· Participate in local and healthcare community awareness, marketing efforts, educational in-services, CEU programs, team building and other training events.

· Follow company protocols on patient privacy, compliance requirements, timeframes, professional ethics, etc.

This is a very dynamic residency position for extremely proactive and scrupulous individuals who are passionate about prosthetics, orthotics, and patient care. Appropriate candidates should be prepared for a demanding and challenging work environment! To apply please submit your application through OPRESCAS. We will contact all applicants as soon as possible. If there are any questions please email the residency director at the address below.

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Jeff Wojtanowicz

Director Of Residency Program

Jeffery Wojtanowicz joined Bionic in 2011 and has grown within the organization.  He is a certified prosthetist and orthotist with over a decade of experience in patient care.  While he is trained in many facets of the field, his special interests include upper and lower limb prosthetics as well as complex custom orthotic devices.

He is the regional manager for our clinics in the state of Illinois.  He is also the residency director for all Bionic clinics and takes pride in helping new graduates learn and grow in the field.

He holds a BS in Marketing and Finance from the University of Illinois Chicago.  He is a graduate of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.  He completed his residency at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago which is now known as the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab.

Jeff lives in Tinley Park, IL with his wife, son, and daughter.  In his free time, he enjoys golfing in the summer and going on snowboarding trips in the winter.

Past Residents

Jeffrey Wojtanowicz

CPO - Clinical Manager

Michael Gordon


Samantha Wadge


Jordan Ray


Current Residents

Alex Wright

Althea Fordyce

Beti Golriz

Cassie Morton

Gloria Loukota Mansilla

Kelly Haen

Kelly Starykowicz

Lakan Smith

Leeann von Korff

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