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Jumpstart Your Career

Bionic P&O is a company devoted to creating a comfortable and educational environment for all. We offer many clinical internships for those interested in the fields of athletic training, kinesiology, and sports medicine. 

If you are interested in working with your hands then we also offer internships as lab technicians and general fabrication internships. These would have you working hands-on with different stages of creating a prosthesis or orthosis in our over 5,000 sq ft fabrication warehouse space!

We also cater to the more business-minded student. We offer internships as administrative assistants, in management roles, and in other areas of leadership. We also have positions in billing, human resources, marketing, account management, and many more!


If you're a student or are even just curious reach out to our HR team!

(219) 791-9200

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Intern Testimonial

"Bionic was a great company to receive my practicum experience with. They were always willing to work with my school schedule plus the work environment and my coworkers are fun to be around!"-Cooper Proudfoot, Marketing Intern 2022

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