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Diabetic Foot Care 

Diabetic Foot Care offers additional support, absorb more shock, and provides a greater degree of cushioning than standard footwear. This support and protection reduce the amount of pressure and stress placed on the foot, and the level of wear and rubbing on the skin.


Diabetic Toe/Partial Foot Filler

Custom toe fillers are utilized to restore the functional lever arm of the foot for patients with toe amputation. These devices minimize patient discomfort, protect the insensate foot, and allow for more natural walking.

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A CROW boot or Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker is a custom fabricated total contact device designed to reduce pressure on the sole of the foot. Developed for patients with severe deformity of the foot and ankle due to acute nerve damage.

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Off-loading Device

Custom fabricated and off the shelf solutions for the lower extremity to provide off-loading essential in wound care.


Diabetic Shoes 

Therapeutic footwear for patients with diabetes, poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy. These devices provide support to the structure of the foot and ankle and allow for insoles which can be offloaded and designed to prevent further deformity or ulcer development.

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Custom Diabetic Shoe Inserts

The primary goal of therapeutic footwear is to prevent the complications of diabetes and poor circulation. The diabetic shoes and custom-molded inserts work together as a preventive system to help diabetic patients avoid foot injuries and improve mobility.

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