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Lower Limb Prostheses

Lower extremity prostheses offer limb restoration to patients at all lower limb levels, ranging from amputation through the pelvis or hip joint down to partial foot amputations. The goal of lower extremity prostheses is to restore the limb and return gross motor function, allowing patients to walk again.

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Hip (Hip Disarticulation) (Hemipelvectomy)

Highly personalized and innovative design for patients having amputation through the hip joint or through the pelvis. These patients require replacement of all three lower extremity joints (hip, knee, ankle/foot) to optimize walking and reduce energy expenditure.


Above the Knee (Transfemoral) (Knee Disarticulation) 

Personalized prosthetic care for patients with amputation through the thigh bone or knee joint. Bionic offers functional, energy efficient and cosmetic lower extremity prostheses allowing patients to stand and walk again.


Below the Knee (Transtibial) (Ankle Disarticulation)

Prosthetic care for patients with an amputation through the bones of the lower leg. Below knee prosthetic users exhibit little to no deficit with a well-designed, well fit BK prosthesis.


Foot & Partial Foot (Partial Calcanectomy) (Transmetatarsal)

Partial foot prostheses restore the functional lever arm of the foot and improve patient cosmesis.


Silicone Restoration

Silicone restoration replicates the patient’s intact limb in fine detail such as wrinkles, hair, freckles, skin tone and shape. 

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