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The Bionic Difference: Reynaldo Morales

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

By Jason Warne

Reynaldo Morales loves basketball. Growing up in Gary, Indiana, taught him a love for the court and the community that forms around it that has followed him for his entire life. But on the morning of April 12th, 2007, a car accident threatened to take that away. Now, Reynaldo is back on the courts and still flashing his winning smile.

“I was always an active kid.” Reynaldo has a hard time not smiling as he recounts the story. Seldom will you meet someone as genuinely and instantly likable as Rey. “I used to do backflips as early as 2nd grade and I went to Lisa’s Gymnastics in 3rd to really sharpen my skills…but basketball was my true sport.”

Even after Rey got his GED and joined the Laborer’s Union Local 41, his love for the game continued. Rey was making a good living and shooting hoops at the YMCA whenever he could, while attending Apprentice School in Logansport, IN. That’s when everything changed.

“I flipped my pickup truck on a sudden curve in the road,” Rey says. “I thank God that I’m alive, because the vehicle flipped multiple times, and I fell out the passenger door. My leg felt like I had a cramp and the doctor said blood was flowing down to my feet, but not back up.”

The result was a transfemoral amputation. “It’s wild. I was playing basketball at the local Y in Logansport that week. Then, boom.”

Back On His Feet: An Above-Knee Prosthesis

Reynaldo was not about to be slowed down by his accident - but before finding Bionic Prosthetics & Orthotics, his prosthetic results were mixed. He healed quickly and was soon working with a nearby clinic to be fitted with his first above-knee prosthesis.

“It was a good starter leg, but I quickly outgrew it,” Rey says. “It’s been 15 years now that I’ve been walking with a prosthetic leg, and I have noticed that the most important factor is the socket fit. I have some horror stories about how some prosthetists made my socket so big that I could put my whole arm inside.”

With Bionic’s industry-leading technology, clinicians at the Merrillville, Indiana, location were able to use 3D-scanning and design software to create a detailed model for Rey’s prosthetic socket and employed 3D printing technology to test it until it was just right. The socket design he is currently utilizing is a subishcial BioDesigns High Fidelity (HiFi) socket. The (HiFi) socket is focused on lowering the proximal trimlines of the socket and maintaining control of the limb by strategically compressing tissue around the femur. This, coupled with the adjustability of the ClickMedical Revo socket, has enabled Rey to have less restriction at the hip and improved comfort. Overall, this has allowed him to continue to increase his activity without compromising his limb comfort. This allowed the Bionic team to build a durable socket that fits perfectly for Reynaldo, and in less time than it would have taken with traditional methods.

For Rey, the difference is pronounced: “I must say, Bionic is by far the best experience I’ve had thus far. Tony, Shawn, Jignesh, and Emily have always gone above and beyond!”

Courtside to Poolside

Reynaldo is thrilled to be back on the court at his local YMCA. Bionic’s prosthetic leg and socket fit Rey’s athletic needs and allow for greater comfort and mobility in both layups and laps around the pool.

Now Reynaldo is looking forward to taking the next big step in his life, as he stands in his upcoming wedding.

At every turn, Rey seems thrilled by the Bionic difference. “I’ve got an extreme, wide experience with different builders—and let me tell you, they are the best one. And that’s not just sugar coating.”

Are you curious about the difference that Bionic could make for you? Take a look at our locations nationwide to find one near you and call for a free consultation!

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